Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does cc:later work?
    When you send an email to cclater.com, it stores your email in the cloud until the expiration date that you specify or that’s been determined automatically using AI, then emails it back to you. That’s the basics. Inspired by people who email themselves reminders. Has more features beyond that.
  2. Do I need to install something? Login to website? Do I need a web browser?
    No. Everything, including cc:later help, is accessible via email. To get started you don’t need anything except an email address.
  3. Why not use Boomerang or Streak or TextMinder?
    Boomerang and Streak are Gmail plug-ins, therefore require Gmail. Cc:later works with any email service. That means you can use your corporate email which probably isn’t Gmail. Streak is quite different in purpose, an email tracker that displays who opened the emails you sent. Boomerang is a send-later email service, which may or may not meet your needs as a reminder service. TextMinder is an SMS reminder service to send yourself reminders, not to cc yourself.
  4. Why not use Calendy or x.ai?
    Calendy and x.ai are calendar scheduling assistants. After a 7-day trial, x.ai costs $17/month and bills automatically because a credit card is required to sign up for the trial. Calendy is web-based and generally expects to connect to Google, Apple or Microsoft calendars. A very different user experience from cc:later, which has a broader mandate.
  5. How much does cc:later cost?
    Basic service is free. Upgrades additional cost. See Prices.
  6. What about recurring reminders?
    Yes, can do recurring reminders, reminders set by time delay duration and reminders set to a specific time and date.
  7. What sort of reminders may I send myself?
    Remind yourself of meetings, events, goals, ideas, tasks, exercise, assignments, classes, television shows, birthdays, anniversaries, to be generous or kind, to be grateful, to be happy….
  8. How do I retrieve or cancel cc:later reminder?
    Via email, see the help instructions you received when signing up.
  9. What if I have multiple email accounts?
    You must sign up each one.
  10. What if I have multiple email accounts and want my reminders to all go to just one of my accounts?
    At present, emails always remind to the address that sent them.
  11. What if I like reminders, but am uncomfortable that copies of my emails are stored temporarily on your server?
    First thought, should you trust the server that’s storing your email now? If you have a free email account or service though a big company like Gmail, maybe not. Your emails are already being tracked and scanned by bots on servers you don’t control.
  12. No really, we have a secured corporate email server maintained by our own people, how do we keep our cc:later mail there?
    That’s great! Install cc:later server on your mail server and store your pending reminders there. Buying cc:later server includes a corporate site license so everyone in your company can use cc:later there without the usual monthly fee.
  13. What if a spammer sends a forged email as me to try to make his spam bounce back to me?
    cc:later will verify addresses at account creation and then check that reminder emails come from known servers that match the senders.